Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Fort Worth Water Rates Increase – Southlake rates to follow

The City of Fort Worth is increasing its wholesale water costs again this year and as a customer city, Southlake is obligated to raise its rates as well.

As in past years, the reason for the increase is to allow the Fort Worth Water Utility to recover the cost of providing wholesale water to its member cities, including Southlake. There are several factors that drive the cost of water, including increased demand on resources, operating costs, cost of capital facilities and infrastructure, and debt service payments.

The impact on Southlake customers beginning with November 2015 consumption, will be 2.12% overall increase in tiered rates plus $1.85 for the first 2,000 gallons consumed to cover a small increase in the City’s water utility administrative costs.  This means an average residential consumer with a 1” water meter will experience approximately a $4.91 monthly increase for 26,640 gallons of water.  The same size meter for an average commercial consumer will reflect about $6.00 added to the monthly bill for 33,640 gallons of water.

Customers will see the rate increase starting with their December bills. For more information about the City of Fort Worth water department, please visit their website.

Customers with questions about their water bill can contact the City 24/7 through our website contact form or during business hours: (817) 748-8051.