Saturday, October 31, 2020

Southlake Garners National Recognition in Rankings of American and Texas Cities

Washington-based national finance website WalletHub announced November 3 that Southlake was ranked as a top ten “Best Small City in America,” and is also The Lone Star State’s highest ranked city. WalletHub also announced on October 30 that Southlake was the “Best Texas City for Finding a Job“.

When ranking the best small cities in America, WalletHub’s analysts rated Southlake as the best city in Texas and sixth-best city in America when compared to 1,268 communities with populations between 25,000 and 100,000. WalletHub compiled 22 metrics in categories of overall affordability, economic health, education levels, health care and quality of life items such as commute times, dining, cultural opportunities and others. The results and methodology may be found at

When announcing information about the best places in America to find a job, WalletHub stated that Texas was responsible for job creation at a rate four times greater than the national average and that Southlake was best in the state when compared to 122 other Texas’ most promising employment hubs. There were 16 metrics measured, ranging from the number of jobs, to median annual income, to housing and transportation costs. The results and detailed methodology that make Southlake #1 job machine in the state may be found at

According to Shannon Hamons, Southlake Director of Economic Development and Tourism, the recognition of the community is directly related to officials’ ongoing efforts to create an exceptional environment for residents.

“Our City Council continually strives to make Southlake the premier Texas location to live and work,” he said. “Our Council members and staff work together to develop long-term, strategic goals within our 2030 Plan. Dedicated execution of plan elements in turn leads to providing a safe, aesthetically pleasing and dynamic City. Those attributes then enable us to attract quality companies.”