Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Dragon Band Members Advancing to State Solo & Ensemble Contest

band logoLast weekend over 200 members of the Dragon Band participated in the Region 24 UIL Solo and Ensemble Contest at Liberty HS in Frisco. The daylong contest, with 208 total entries, produced at the end of the day 126 individual Superior medals for solo work and 85 Superior medals for ensemble performances.

From this, 72 student soloists and 24 ensembles were certified to advance to the Texas State Solo and Ensemble Contest (TSSEC) in Austin, May 27 and May 28, 2016.

The following students will be advancing with a Superior Rating on their instrumental solo:

202-Flute Solo   Bullock Paige (10)

202-Flute Solo   Cordes Kaylee (10)

202-Flute Solo   Fancher Lindsey (10)

202-Flute Solo   File Elizabeth (9)

202-Flute Solo   Grupe Carleigh (12)

202-Flute Solo   Kalen Hayley (12)

202-Flute Solo   McCafferty Megan (9)

202-Flute Solo   Misra Mandira (11)

202-Flute Solo   Tran Thi (12)

203-Oboe Solo  Capetillo Paulina (10)

203-Oboe Solo  Venesky Sarah (12)

205-Bassoon Solo             File Christopher (12)

207-Bb Clarinet Solo        Casel Gretchen (10)

207-Bb Clarinet Solo        Chaney Whitney (10)

207-Bb Clarinet Solo        Chapman Grace (10)

207-Bb Clarinet Solo        Fernandes Caroline (10)

207-Bb Clarinet Solo        Grice Isabella (9)

207-Bb Clarinet Solo        Jernigan Jillian (12)

207-Bb Clarinet Solo        Neeley Rebecca (11)

207-Bb Clarinet Solo        Nguyen Alina (11)

207-Bb Clarinet Solo        Nimergood Jake (12)

207-Bb Clarinet Solo        Ortiz Vanessa (9)

207-Bb Clarinet Solo        Priakos Ainsley (10)

207-Bb Clarinet Solo        Smith Sheridan (11)

207-Bb Clarinet Solo        Welsh Evan (10)

212-Alto Saxophone Solo             Beazley Ross (11)

212-Alto Saxophone Solo             Ciccone Jonathan (9)

212-Alto Saxophone Solo             Ma Samuel (10)

212-Alto Saxophone Solo             Martin Brett (12)

212-Alto Saxophone Solo             Ragsdale Reed (11)

212-Alto Saxophone Solo             Shah Karna (12)

212-Alto Saxophone Solo             Zhou Allen (9)

301-Cornet/Trumpet Solo            Adkins Elisabeth (10)

301-Cornet/Trumpet Solo            Gaman Walter (10)

301-Cornet/Trumpet Solo            Hindman Andrew (9)

301-Cornet/Trumpet Solo            McFadden William (11)

301-Cornet/Trumpet Solo            Ortiz Samuel (11)

301-Cornet/Trumpet Solo            Ragsdale Brooks (12)

301-Cornet/Trumpet Solo            Staus Mary (10)

301-Cornet/Trumpet Solo            VanValkenburg Kaley (12)

301-Cornet/Trumpet Solo            Whalen Natalie (9)

302-French Horn Solo     Florence Austin (11)

302-French Horn Solo     Hanlon Keara (11)

302-French Horn Solo     Hatfield Sally (9)

302-French Horn Solo     Piazza Natalie (12)

303-Tenor Trombone Solo           Brown Pearce (12)

303-Tenor Trombone Solo           Foster CJ (12)

305-Tuba Solo    Zenoble Davis (9)

500-Snare Drum Solos    Guess Ryan (10)

500-Snare Drum Solos    Warner Erica (9)

500-Snare Drum Solos    West Desi (9)

501-Timpani Solo              McCombs Griffin (12)

501-Timpani Solo              Stroope Brian (10)

501-Timpani Solo              Wright Jackson (12)

502-Keyboard Percussion Solo   Adaska Athena (11)

502-Keyboard Percussion Solo   Ally Leila (12)

502-Keyboard Percussion Solo   Casey Claire (9)

502-Keyboard Percussion Solo   Dachniwsky Michael (11)

502-Keyboard Percussion Solo   Foster Spencer (9)

502-Keyboard Percussion Solo   Green Emery (10)

502-Keyboard Percussion Solo   Havener Luke (9)

502-Keyboard Percussion Solo   Hutyra Conner (11)

502-Keyboard Percussion Solo   Lehman Kade (10)

502-Keyboard Percussion Solo   Miller Macy (11)

502-Keyboard Percussion Solo   Myles Kodi (10)

502-Keyboard Percussion Solo   Nguyen Anthony (10)

502-Keyboard Percussion Solo   Nichols Laura (11)

502-Keyboard Percussion Solo   Schultz Parker (10)

502-Keyboard Percussion Solo   Venesky Paul (10)

502-Keyboard Percussion Solo   Wilson William (11)

503-Multiple Percussion Solo      Breuer Michael (10)

503-Multiple Percussion Solo      Wade James (9)