Saturday, October 31, 2020

Durham Intermediate 5th Grader Wins Geographic Bee

Durham Intermediate School recently held it Geographic Bee.

DIS 5th grader Arya Tanneru won the school competition on Jan. 26 and a chance at a $50,000 college scholarship. 6th grader Alex Deleon was the runner-up. The school Bee was the first round in the 28th annual National Geographic Bee.

Thousands of schools around the United States and in the five U.S. territories are participating in the 2016 Bee. The school champions, including Arya, will take a qualifying test; up to 100 of the top scorers on that test in each state will then be eligible to compete in their state Bee on April 1.

A trumpet appears on the quarter of which state, known for its jazz music heritage? The threatened Canada lynx, which has large feet adapted for walking on top of deep snow, lives near Lake of the Woods in which state? These are sample questions that were asked to students in the Final Competition of the National Geography Bee.