Friday, December 4, 2020

High Winds Could Cause Use of DFW Airport’s Diagonal Runways

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The City of Southlake has received the following information about a possible increase in use of the DFW Airport diagonal runways from Monday, February to tomorrow (2/2) evening:

The National Weather Service is forecasting high velocity, west cross winds, gusting to as high as 28 mph, as early as 1AM, to as late as 7PM, TOMORROW, Tuesday, 2 February.

Depending upon actual wind direction or velocity, these cross winds could present a hazard that would necessitate the FAA using the NW/SE diagonal Runways 31L and 31R for departures and/or arrivals for portions or all of the west flow period.  No precipitation is currently forecast.  FAA and DFW have collaborated proactively on the possible use of the diagonal runways during tomorrow’s strong cross wind conditions and will only use them if safety requirements warrant.

More information about the response to high velocity west cross winds is available on DFW ’s website at the link under “High Velocity West Winds”:

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