Saturday, December 5, 2020

Carroll Swimming/Diving Teams Sweep Region Meet

The Carroll boys’ and girls’ swimming and diving teams produced a sweep of the Class 6A Region 3 championships last weekend.

Both teams dominated and the Dragons scored 636.5 points and more than 400 points ahead of second place. The Lady Dragons scored 463.5 points, well ahead of second-place Allen.

The UIL Class 6A State Swimming and Diving Meet will be held Feb. 19-20 at the Texas Swim Center in Austin.

Region 3-6A Swim/Dive Team Scores:

Girls Top 5 Teams 

  1.  Carroll   463.5
  2.  Allen          277
  3.  Rockwall     275
  4.  Belton        220.5
  5.  Plano West  148

Boys Top 5 Teams

  1.  Carroll          636.5
  2.  Rockwall         223
  3.  Highland Park  213
  4.  Allen              197
  5.  Jesuit             193.5


Dragon Region 3-6A Diving results


1st Nate Hernandez  517.15   Region 3-6A Diver of the Meet   State qualifying

2nd Luke McFarland 392.55   State Qualifying

3rd  CJ Durant         381.00

5th Andrew Walker  359.30


1st Summer Westover  413.95   Region 3-6A Diver of the Meet   State Qualifying

2nd Sloane Papa         398.45   State Qualifying

3rd  Maddie Keiser      395.50

Coach Carolyn Hryorchuk:  Region 3-6A Boy’s and Girl’s Diving Coach of the Meet


Dragon Region 3-6A Swimming results

Boys Relays:

200 med relay 2nd 1:34.59 with Alex Moraru, Evan Kolde, Gus Karau and Landon Armstrong

All-American Consideration, season best, State Qualifying

200 free relay 1st 1:24.33 with Jack LeVant, Alex Zettle, Austin Whalen and Landon Jensen

All-American Automatic, season best, school record, 1st seed in State

400 free relay 1st 3:03.65 with Jack LeVant, Alex Zettle, Austin Whalen and Colter Carman

All-America Automatic, season best, school record, 1st seed in State

Boys Individual events:   31 of 31 individual swims in the Top 10 @ Regions

Alex Zettle 1st 200 free  1:39.94 season best, All-American Consideration  State Qualifying

Austin Whalen 2nd 200 free  1:40.35 season best, All-American Consideration State Qualifying

Eric Hart  4th 200 free    1:43.41  PR

Logan Henry  7th  200 free  1:45.16  PR

Colter Carman  2nd  200 IM  1:51.50  PR, All-American Consideration  State Qualifying

Logan Davis  5th  200 IM    1:54.65  PR

Kevin Repice  6th  200 IM  1:56.73  PR

Sean Murphy  9th  200 IM   1:58.04  PR

Jack LeVant  1st  50 free   20.48  PR,  All-American Automatic  State Qualifying

Landon Armstrong  2nd  50 free  21.46  PR

Evan Kolde   7th  50 free  21.84   PR

Landon Jensen  8th  50 free  22.19  PR

Jack LeVant  1st  100 fly  48.99, All-American Automatic    State Qualifying

Gus Karau   2nd  100 fly  49.86, All-American Consideration   State Qualifying

Daniel Balint  6th  100 fly   50.54  PR,  State Qualifying

Alex Moraru  8th  100 fly   52.11  PR

Austin Whalen  1st  100 free  46.49  PR, State Qualifying

Landon Armstrong  2nd  100 free   46.57   PR

Griffin Rea   7th  100 free   48.92   season best

Colter Carman  1st  500 free  4:28.50   All-American Automatic   State Qualifying

Alex Zettle   2nd  500 free    4:29.07  season best  All-American Automatic   State Qualifying

Eric Hart    3rd  500 free    4:34.15  PR   All-American Consideration   State Qualifying

Gus Karau   4th  500 free   4:36.53

Sean Murphy  5th  100 back   53.12  PR

Alex Moraru  7th  100 back   53.37   season best

Jack VandeBerg  8th  100 back  53.71   PR

Gavin Springs   9th  100 back   53.93   PR

Evan Kolde    1st  100 breast  56.80  All-American Consideration  State Qualifying

Daniel Balint   4th  100 breast  58.13  PR  State Qualifying

Logan Davis  6th  100 breast  59.21  PR

JP Reppeto   10th  100 breast  1:00.47

Region 3-6A Boy Swimmer of the Meet:   Jack LeVant*

* The Dragons qualified 11 swimmers and two divers in three relays and 15 individual events to the Texas 6A State meet.

Girls Relays:

200 med relay  1st  1:47.45  with Nasha Luevit, Olivia Coffey, Anya Ittiruck and Rachel Luevit

season best, All-American Consideration  State Qualifying

200 free relay  2nd  1:38.91 with Natalie Whalen, Amelia Rusli, Rachel Luevit and Olivia Coffey

season best

400 free relay  2nd   3:33.55  with Natalie Whalen, Amelia Rusli, Chantal Meyer and Nasha Luevit

season best  State Qualifying

Girls Individual events:   21 of 21 individual swims in the Top 8 @ Regions!

Amelia Rusli  4th 200 free  1:55.27  PR

Madelynn Tung  6th  200 free  1:56.50  PR

Sydney Balint 7th  200 free  1:57.71  PR

Rachel Luevit  2nd  200 IM  2:07.69   PR

Chantal Meyer  4th  200 IM  2:08.81

Anya Ittiruck  5th  200 IM  2:11.21

Spencer Dockal  4th  500 free  25.46

Natalie Whalen  1st  100 fly  55.72  PR  All-American Consideration,  State Qualifying

Anya Ittiruck  2nd  100 fly  57.46

Elizabeth Nguyen  8th  100 fly  1:02.37  season best

Amelia Rusli  3rd  100 free  53.92

Olivia Coffey 7th  100 free  54.44  PR

Sydney Balint  8th  100 free  55.00  PR

Natalie Whalen  1st  500 free  4:56.93  PR  All-American Consideration, State Qualifying

Madelynn Tung  5th  500 free  5:10.76

Katelyn Johnson  7th  500 free  5:10. 64 (Prelims)  PR

Nasha Luevit  3rd  100 back  58.47  PR

Miranda Faust  8th  100 back  1:00.07

Chantal Meyer 3rd  100 breast   1:06.03  season best

Olivia Coffey  5th  100 breast  1:07.10  season best

Rachel Luevit  7th  100 breast  1:06.81  (prelims)  season best

*The Lady Dragons qualified seven swimmers and two divers in two relays and four individual events to the Texas 6A State Meet.