Sunday, November 29, 2020

Carroll Theatre Receives Numerous Nominations for Dallas Summer Musical High School Awards

The Carroll Theatre Department received many nominations for awards at the Dallas Summer Musical High School Awards, which will be held on April 14. Please see the list below for a full list of nominees.

The Cast and Crew of Young Frankenstein The Musical (9-12) – Best Musical

Drew Brown (12) – Best Leading Actor

Tyler Jones (12) – Best Supporting Actor

Braden Anderson (12) and Ciara Smith (12) – Best Scenic Design

Gareth Forsberg (12) and Anna Chase Lanier (10) – Best Choreography/Musical Staging

All Crew (9-12) – Best Crew & Technical Execution


In addition, these students advanced to the UIL State Finals in Design Division 2.

Eleanor Musier – Individual Costume Design (9)

Ciara Smith – Individual Costume Design (12)

Gareth Forsberg – Group (Hair/Make-up Design) (12)

Wyatt Hall – Group (Marketing) (12)

Cliona Smith – Group (Scenic Design) (11)

Ciara Smith – Group (Costume Design) (12)