Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Carroll ISD Spring Storm Reminders/Procedures

Carroll ISD would like to remind staff and parents of our procedures for spring storms and severe weather.

Tornado/storm drills are conducted regularly to help ensure staff and students know what to do in the event of approaching bad weather. Fire drills and lockdown drills are regular requirements in CISD schools, as well. We are also fortunate to have first responders on our campuses through the K-12 School Resource Officer program funded by the City of Southlake’s Crime Control Tax. Our SROs are present during school hours to assist CISD staff and students in the event of an emergency.

The district considers the safety of our students and staff top priorities and will always respond first to the immediate emergency during a storm. After communicating with our campuses and ensuring the safety of our Dragons, our next priority will be communication with parents. Be advised that parents may not receive an immediate storm communication while the district manages the actual emergency.   District facilities each have weather radios alerting of approaching storms in the area; in turn, school officials regularly monitor The National Weather Service and local television and radio stations for any potential storm alerts or risks.

Communication to staff is done well in advance of approaching storms and conditions are monitored regularly for potential threats to students on field trips and out of the CISD area. School officials have open lines of communication with Southlake Department of Public Safety, and follows DPS fire and police recommendations for duck and cover (in-shelter) storm or tornado procedures.   Parents are asked to please not come to the school buildings in the middle of a storm to pick up their children. If you wish to check your child out, do it in advance of the storm. On occasion when severe weather is imminent, we will take precautions to have all adults and students secured in the facility until the immediate threat passes. Certainly once the immediate danger is no longer imminent, you, as a parent, may always choose to check your child out of school. Know, however, that your child’s safety is our top priority and we will act in their best interest to remain under shelter in a storm.

Please let school officials effectively respond during a weather emergency and tune in to the CISD communication outlets listed below for updates and important announcements. In the event severe weather is approaching, CISD will account for students and staff in a secure location and then communicate updates to parents using the following:

Social Media, District Website & – When the situation permits, the district will post weather notices and alerts to the district’s Twitter and Facebook accounts, in addition to official notices on the Carroll ISD website, as well as Sometimes, storms cause bus transportation delays and/or buses will be held on site until the immediate emergency passes. Every effort will be made to inform parents about potential bus schedule delays due to weather.

Connect-ED Emergency Notification System – Weather-related announcements will be communicated as needed to employees and parents via the district’s emergency telephone notification system (Connect-ED). The system can call the emergency contact numbers for every student and staff member simultaneously. To update your emergency contact information, please contact your child’s school with the information so that it can be changed in the Skyward database.

Steps by Carroll ISD to announce weather alerts:
•Respond to the emergency internally by communicating with staff and securing students
•Tweet alerts from the Official Carroll ISD Twitter Account (@Carrollisd)
•Post Facebook alerts on District’s Official News page
•Add storm updates on District Website
•Communicate with parents via Connect-ED telephone notification system (if necessary)

If a parent chooses to check a child out of school in advance of a storm, he/she may do so using CISD’s regular checkout procedures. Please understand, though, that there could be a point at which it is safer for the parent/student to remain inside the school building if dangerous weather is imminent. Please do not put yourself, your children or our staff in a position of risk in the middle of a storm.

As you can imagine, other students especially our youngest little Dragons, often become upset or agitated when a parent shows up in the middle of a storm to pick up a child. We appreciate your understanding as we serve your family, while protecting the 8,085 students still in our care during a storm.

Thank you for the honor of educating and protecting your child. If you have questions about Carroll ISD’s storm procedures, you may direct them to the Board & Community Relations Department at 817-949-7080 or by emailing