Monday, August 2, 2021

DFW Airport Maintenance Closure of Runway 18L/36R for Saturday, March 19th

The City of Southlake has received the following information regarding strong west cross winds from the DFW Airport Noise Office:

DFWLogo-1024x690DFW Airport is planning a necessary maintenance closure of Runway 18L/36R for this Saturday, March 19th.  The closure period is planned for 9:00AM until 7:00PM. Runway18L/36R is the primary launch runway for the Airport’s west side. This closure is to continue support of several maintenance activities including pavement repairs, runway marking replacement, and electrical maintenance within the runway environment. The winds are forecast to be from the north at 5 to 10mph for the entire period.  If this north wind occurs as forecast and the closure of 18L/36R proceeds as planned,  the FAA will launch some aircraft  from other runways including Runway 31L.  A runway layout map is attached for orientation.


More information about the Airport’s planned runway work is available on DFW’s website at the link:  We encourage citizens with inquiries or complaints to contact us.  The web address for the Noise Office is  The telephone Hotline, 972-973-3192, is manned 24/7.  Follow-up response calls or emails will be provided when requested.