Monday, January 18, 2021

Southlake Utilizes Portable Outdoor Warning Sirens

At Art in the Square this weekend, the City of Southlake will utilize two newly purchased portable outdoor warning sirens.

The sirens can act as loud speakers and are capable of providing event-specific warnings and information to large crowds. The sirens add an additional layer to our existing comprehensive warning capabilities.  They will allow us to provide focused, voice-specific warnings at the many special events that Southlake hosts throughout the year.

Many of Southlake’s events occur outside where people are most vulnerable to weather events and other hazards. With the extreme weather that our region has experienced over the past year, these mobile warning sirens will further enhance the safety and security of our residents and guests.

It’s important to note that these portable sirens are not part of the outdoor warning system Southlake already has in place with five fixed sirens located strategically throughout the City.

These larger, in-ground sirens are activated when there is a tornado warning, wind speeds reach 70+ miles per hour, or hail is measured at 1.25” or greater. These thresholds are in unison with the activation protocols that the region adheres to.

While these larger in ground sirens work for producing an outdoor warning to a large area, they are not an effective tool for managing the large crowds of people at the many special events the City hosts every year. The new portable sirens will allow us to provide loud, targeted voice messages or warnings at our special events.

Remember, when you hear the portable sirens:  Stop, Listen, and Take Action!

If you have questions regarding the portable sirens or the Office of Emergency Management, please contact Ben Williamson, Emergency Management Coordinator at (817) 748-8624.

“Ensure the City of Southlake is a resilient community that is best prepared to respond to and recover from any disaster in the most efficient manner possible.”

-Southlake Office of Emergency Management Mission Statement