Saturday, September 23, 2023

CSHS French Students Excel in Grand Concours

CSHS French students recently participated in the Grand Concours, the National French Exam, with over 85,000 French students nationwide. The exam is a challenging 60-minute, multiple choice exam that includes listening, reading, and grammar. The following CSHS students who distinguished themselves, despite the level of difficulty and number of competitors:

Gold award: students in 95th percentile (French 3 Samuel Ortiz, Julianne Yu, Cindy Folefack; French AP Aurore Folefack, Logan Posey, Nina Sun)

Silver award: students in 90th or 85th percentile (French 3 Kate Brickner, Elizabeth Hick, Neve Polavarapu; French AP Charlotte Gerard)

Bronze award: students in 80th or 75th percentile (French 3 Ivy Hall; French AP Arianna Maruzzi)

Honorable mention award: Students in 70th, 65th, 60th, 55th or 50th percentiles (French 3 Charlotte Hultsch, Iida Lepparanta, Ellie MacLean, Demetra Meletis, David Richey; French AP Emma Jogerst, Annu Krishnan)