Saturday, December 5, 2020

Odyssey of the Mind Teams Compete at World Finals

odyssey_thumbnailCarroll ISD sent eight teams to the Odyssey of the Mind World Finals recently at Iowa State University. Several countries were represented in the event, including Africa, China and Poland.

Click here to see the photo gallery of teams.

CSHS Problem 1 Div. 3  5th place (out of 40 teams)
Jack Veenker, Sarah Wassef, Mackenzie Murphy, Nate Ruelas, Andy Van Noy, Claire Riordan, Braden Anderson, Coach Carl Anderson

CSHS Problem 2 Div. 3  7th place (out of 48 teams)
Trevor King (CHS), James Stewart (CHS), Lexi Dietrich, Divya Kumar, Akash Hemanth, Venezia Guzman, Ethan Connolly (DMS), Coach Inna Dietrich

CMS Problem 3 Div. 2  8th place (out of 68 teams)
Kiera DiCesare, Sydney Nickel, Kaitlyn Guesner, Tanner Hunt, Emma Johnson, Heloise Hoffman (DIS), Luke Engelhardt (EIS), Coach Diana DiCesare & Shelli Nickel

DMS Problem 1 Div. 2  11th Place  (out of 60 teams)
Abi Kumar  (CMS), Rachel Clements (CMS), Marissa Vazhappily  (CMS), Lizzie Garcia (DIS), Miranda King, Sophie Dietrich, Akshaya Hemanth, Coach Heather King

CHS  Problem 5. Div 3  12th place (out of 52 teams)
Zack Marshall, Jennas Eads, Sarah Chapin, Olivia Hooper, Jake Marshall (DMS), Chloe Moore (DMS), Logan Mikolasik (DMS), Coach Kathy Marshall

EIS Problem 5 Div. 1 24th Place (out of 70 teams)
Grace Johnson (DIS), Ashwin Iyer, Giulio Fausti, Allison Chang, Jack Richmond, Aman Panjabi (WGES), Andrew Balson (WGES), Coach Geetha Panchapakesan & Crystal Johnson

DIS Problem 2 Div. 1 25th Place (out of 55 teams)
Jackson Walker, John Stoklas, Ryan Adamson, Jackson Power, Leonard Fu, Graham Davidson, Ethan Phan, Coach Tonja Walker & Sarah Stoklas

DIS Problem 5 Div. 2  30th Place  (out of 65 teams)
Olivia Pierret, Madison Bradford, Audrey Nelson, Sarah Chen, Stephie Smith, Alysha Walsh, Gabby Dugger, Coach Christine Pierret