Saturday, June 10, 2023

FM 1938 Project Update – Southbound FM 1938 Traffic Can Now Use Two Through Lanes

New Lane Signs at the FM 1938/Southlake Blvd Intersection

New Lane Signs at the FM 1938/Southlake Blvd Intersection

TxDOT placed new signs on southbound FM 1938 near the intersection with Southlake Boulevard that identifies recent changes to how traffic moves through the intersection (see image).

The construction along FM 1938 has caused numerous headaches for motorists.  At the intersection of FM 1938 and Southlake Boulevard (FM 1709), those headaches take the form of long lines, the perception of short signal cycles, and just the general frustrations caused by the amount of traffic on the roads.  Since the project’s inception however, TxDOT has worked with the City to address many frustrations related to signal timing, working hours, etc.

One issue recently fixed now allows cars heading southbound two through lanes at the FM 1938/Southlake Boulevard intersection rather than the single lane that was previously available.  Opening another lane that goes through the intersection improved traffic back up at this location significantly.  Cars have been able to move quicker through the intersection and the backups that have become commonplace in the AM and PM peak have been less severe.

The FM 1938 project is expected to be complete by the end of 2017.  TxDOT and the City of Southlake will continue providing regular updates on the project as they become available.

For questions about the FM 1938 project, please contact the TxDOT Mobility Coordinator Stephen Ranft at or 817-462-0520.

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