Saturday, March 6, 2021

Runway 17R/35L to be Closed For 90 Days

The City of Southlake would like to remind residents of the closure of Runway 17R/ 35L (shown in purple in the above map) from August 3rd to November 2nd.

The City of Southlake has received information regarding the closure of Runway 17R/35L from August 3rd to November 2nd. According to the DFW Airport Noise Office, the 90-day full closure is necessary for extensive work to remove and replace the asphalt shoulders on the full length of the runway as well as some deteriorating concrete panels.

During these closures, FAA must necessarily move aircraft that would have used the closed runway to other available runways, including the diagonal runway 31L in north winds conditions.  DFW Airport staff will work closely with FAA and the airlines during these closures to reduce the impact of the necessary rerouting of air traffic while ensuring safe airport and airspace operations.

More information about the Airport’s planned runway work is available on DFW’s website at the link:  DFW Airport encourage citizens with inquiries or complaints to the DFW Airport.

The web address for the Noise Office is  The telephone Hotline, 972-973-3192, is manned 24/7.  Follow-up response calls or emails will be provided when requested.