Saturday, May 15, 2021

Carroll ISD, Ozarka Score Touchdown with Food Drive

OZ_logoRecently, the Ozarka® 100% Natural Spring Water facility in Hawkins, Texas was severely damaged by a tornado. Thankfully none of the employees were injured.

As Ozarka gets back to producing the spring water consumers love, they teamed with the Carroll Dragons to support organizations that give back to their communities.

Ozarka and Carroll ISD organized the program asking CISD students to donate non-perishable food the week of Aug. 29 to Sept. 2, 2016. The food drive benefitted the Grace Food Panty. A competition between the schools was encouraged, and Johnson Elementary was the clear winner donating over three pounds of food per student. They will be awarded a trophy at an upcoming assembly for being the Compassion Champion of the Give Back Challenge.

All combined, Carroll students donated 5,849 pounds of food for Grace Food Pantry. The winning school, Jack D. Johnson Elementary contributed double the amount of the next highest school, Carroll Elementary school. The third highest contribution was a tie between Walnut Grove Elementary and Carroll Middle School.

For every item of food contributed, Ozarka matched the donation by donating one bottle (.5 L) of water to Grace Food Pantry.

Carroll ISD and Ozarka also challenged football fans to get in on the action. At the Sept. 2 Dragon football game vs. Arlington Martin High School, fans were able to donate food as they walked into the gates of Dragon Stadium. Arlington Martin fans were able to contribute on the visitor side. The Tarrant Area Food Bank was the recipient of the game food drive and will also benefit from Ozarka’s matching program of a bottle of water for every food item donated.

Johnson Elementary’s win was announced at the football game. Principal Lori Allison, students and staff were on hand to accept the honor and were featured on the Dragon Stadium video scoreboard. Representatives from Ozarka and Grace were on hand to thank them for their efforts. Grace Special Events Coordinator and Carroll alumna Chelsea Rose commented, “What a success. Thank you so very much for including GRACE as the recipient of the ever generous Southlake Carroll ISD. It was a wonderful experience.”

GRACE is a Grapevine-based nonprofit relief agency which provides food, clothing, financial assistance, and other vital necessities to people who are struggling with a limited income or recent emergency. Their food pantry stores are typically low at the end of the summer and they were very happy to receive a large donation to replenish their shelves.