Thursday, November 26, 2020

Detour Signs Go Up at Peytonville & Dove

Drivers who frequent Dove Road near Sam School Road and North Peytonville area should need to be aware of a new detour in the ongoing road construction subdivision project.

As crews work to complete it, a detour has become necessary through the unbuilt subdivision.

“A portion of Dove Road will be closed Thursday evening (9/29) at approximately 7pm so that workers can complete this critical section of the project,” said Rob Cohen, Southlake’s Public Works Director. “Drivers should be on the lookout for signs and additional barriers to help guide them safely through the construction zone.”

The closure at Dove and the roundabout should re-open to traffic in several weeks.

In addition, crews will be working on North Peytonville as it connects to the roundabout. Cohen notes this area is in need of immediate attention so the project will be completed as soon as possible.

The Southlake Meadows subdivision was originally approved in 2013 with the developers agreeing to realign Sam School Road with N. Peytonville and construct a roundabout connecting Sam School Road, Dove Road and North Peytonville Avenue before building the new subdivision. The road project began last year with the developer working the area around Sam School Road/North Peytonville Avenue.

“Once this part of the project is complete we should have a better idea of when the road construction will finish,” added Cohen. “We intend to communicate with the developer every step of the way.”

If you can have questions about the project please call the Southlake Public Works Department at (817) 748-8098.