Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Congratulations to the Next Generation of SKIL Student Community Leaders

Southlake Kids Interested in Leadership or SKIL, a partnership between the City of Southlake, the Southlake Chamber of Commerce and the Carroll Independent School District, have recently selected 20 Carroll Senior High School Juniors to embark on a journey and put their “SKILs” to use.

These students were selected after enduring a rigorous selection process where a small committee, including students from last year’s SKIL program, evaluated each candidate based on several criteria.  Over 200 applications were received by the school.  These students have earned their spot in this program.

This leadership program is a student and local leader alliance for better government and a better Southlake.  Students will participate in a meaningful way to make the Southlake community better.  By training these future leaders, they will learn how to be involved to create a good government and open ourselves up to a new generation of ideas.

“Our children have amazing ideas about what they would like to see now and in future,” says Mayor Hill, our local leader with a great vision for community’s youth.  “When any citizens, including our youth, are involved in setting new policies or providing feedback on community issues, the likelihood increases that the general public will be more educated about those issues and contribute to those policies.  The more open and inclusive the process, the more trust people will have in the outcomes.”

SKIL meetings will challenge the students to participate in solving current civic issues at the local level and learn how they can contribute to the process.  It will also ask the SKIL team to participate in a year-end capstone service project which will forever mark their participation in the program.

“This student and adult alliance is designed to create better government and a better Southlake,” said Superintendent David Faltys. “This is a tremendous opportunity for Carroll students to get an insider’s look at how civic leadership works and how important it is to invest in your community.”

“I think our role in SKIL is so exciting,” said Mark Gilbert, President of the Southlake Chamber. “The Day of Internship is part of the SKIL yearly journey. Students will partner with a Southlake Chamber member to see how that member’s line of work contributes towards bettering our City. I believe that this will open eyes on both sides. I look forward to seeing it in action.”

SKIL has direct ties to the City’s comprehensive plan, Southlake 2030, the Carroll Independent School District’s goal to raise the academic challenge and performance of each student and the Southlake Chamber’s goal of supporting and helping build a stronger business community.

SKIL will kick-off their first meeting in Southlake Town Hall on October 10th.