Friday, December 2, 2022

TxDot Confirms Anticipated Completion of Davis Boulevard to be Summer 2017

TxDot now confirms anticipated completion of the Davis (FM 1938) Boulevard project will be Summer 2017.

TxDot recently confirmed substantial completion of the Davis (FM 1938) and Southlake (FM 1709) intersection by the end of the year. TxDot states that reconstruction is substantially complete with all through lanes on FM 1709 open, and that some work is still ongoing on the north side of the intersection and occasional lane closures will still be necessary. TxDot also says that sometime in January, weather permitting, that all other lanes at the intersection will be open when the taper to one lane north of the intersection is moved further to the north.

TxDOT has informed the City that a traffic switch on Davis will occur on Friday, December 30th. Northbound traffic will be routed to the newly completed pavement.

TxDOT uses social media accounts (created in September of this year) to aid with the communication of road closures and progress updates to Davis Boulevard. You can “like” the FM1938Mobility page on Facebook or “follow” FM1938Mobility on Twitter for the latest updates.

The City of Southlake will continue to keep you updated through the City of Southlake, TX – Government Facebook page and City of Southlake Twitter page.  You can also find information at the Southlake DPS Facebook page and the Southlake DPS Twitter page. Also, information will be updated on the City’s FM 1938 Road Construction page. If you have questions specific to the construction, please contact Stephen Ranft from TxDOT at 817-462-0520 or Alex Ayala from the City of Southlake at 817-748-8274.