Saturday, December 5, 2020

Board of Trustees Review Preliminary Results of A-F Academic Accountability System

The Carroll ISD Board of Trustees kicked off the Spring semester with their first meeting after the holiday break on January 9, 2017. Prominently on the agenda was the presentation of the results of the preliminary A-F Accountability System. Assistant Superintendent for Student Services Janet McDade presented a general summary of the preliminary results. The final model for the A-F Academic Accountability System will continue to be developed with additional input from stakeholders through the spring of 2018, when the final rules are adopted by TEA.

House Bill (HB) 2804, passed by the 84th Texas Legislature (2015), requires changes to the state public school academic accountability system. The changes—in effect beginning with the 2017-2018 school year, with the first ratings to be issued in August 2018—include creating five domains of indicators that will be used to evaluate districts and campuses regarding three main goals: preparing students for postsecondary success, reducing achievement gaps among students from different racial and ethnic groups and socioeconomic backgrounds, and informing parent and the community about district and campus performance. The bill also requires the assignment of A-F rating labels to describe district and campus performance. Districts and campuses will receive a ratings of A, B, C, D, or F in each of the five domains and for overall performance.

The Student Achievement Domain reflects student performance on state-required assessments, while the Student Progress Domain reflects student growth on state-required assessments. Domain III accounts for Closing Performing Gaps, which focuses on the differences in achievement among different student groups.The Postsecondary Readiness Domain  includes measures of students’ readiness for life after high school, and different indicators are used to evaluate elementary schools,  middle schools, high school, and districts. For the Community and Student Engagement Domain, Each district and school will select and self-assess on three indicators related to community and student engagement from a predetermined list.

 Janet McDade also presented 2017-2018 school calendar feedback to the Board, based on meetings conducted by the District Advisory Committee. The DAC is made up of Carroll staff, district administrators and CISD board members. The Administration plans to bring a formal calendar recommendation to the Trustees at the next Board Meeting, on January 23.
In honor of School Board Appreciation Month, Southlake Mayor Laura Hill stopped by to offer her support and thanks to the Board of Trustees. Telling a story of the tradition of handmade cards in her family, Mayor Hill passed out a personalized handmade card to each Trustee. The Administration and campus levels will continue to celebrate School Board Appreciation Month throughout the remainder of the month.