Monday, December 6, 2021

City Conducts Winter Water Flushing

Southlake Water Utilities quality teams have been keeping a close eye on our water after an announcement regarding water quality from the City of Fort Worth, the City’s water supplier.

Even though we are within normal regulatory testing ranges, the City is proactively working to flush lines in an effort to maintain the desired disinfectant levels.

“Flushing water is not unusual for this time of year,” said Rob Cohen, Southlake’s Director of Public Works. “In the winter, people use less water and when you combine that with some recent adjustments by our water provider, we sometimes need to flush for several days to improve water quality. These actions are conducted to maintain the integrity of the water system and to continue to deliver the highest quality water possible to our customers.”

Since this proactive measure started on Friday, February 17, the city has flushed more than 20 million gallons of water.

The City of Fort Worth has been flushing their water since February 14. In a press release, they attributed their flushing to low water use as well a chemical feed issue at the Eagle Mountain Water Plant.

Cohen added that a requested change in one of Southlake’s water supply sources has helped improve disinfectant levels in the City’s water system. He anticipates that the flushing will continue until the disinfectant levels rise to a more desirable level.

For questions about Southlake’s water please call Southlake Water Utilities Customer Service at (817) 748-8051.

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