Saturday, December 5, 2020

Local Law Enforcement Receive Thank You For Help During Bomb Threat

Trophy Club Police have arrested a suspect involved in the bomb threat that occurred on Monday, January 30 at Byron Nelson High School. Trophy Club authorities say the suspect is a student and a minor. He is facing felony changes of making a false report. A second suspect, not connected to Northwest ISD, is also being sought and will face similar charges.

Trophy Club’s Police Chief Patrick Arata, held a press conference on Monday to thank all of the police chiefs and their agencies that assisted during last Monday’s bomb threat. Chief Arata explained that the caller stated he had placed several bombs in multiple locations throughout the school. The caller also said he was currently in an undisclosed location inside the building with a firearm. Chief Arata says the investigation later revealed that the caller was in fact not near the school but rather communicating with the minor student who was in a classroom on the NWISD campus.

The school was placed on immediate lockdown while police and SWAT teams from multiple law enforcement agencies converged on the building, including Southlake P.D. and its K9 Team.

Students were evacuated about 6:30 p.m. They were taken to Trophy Club’s Medlin Middle School where they were released to parents or loaded on school buses.

Once students were safely out of the building the North Tarrant Regional SWAT (NTR SWAT) and the Town of Flower Mound SWAT entered the school and conducted a systematic search floor by floor. Ultimately nothing was found and the campus was designated as “all clear.”

Trophy Club’s Police Chief Arata expressed his gratitude to every agency for their quick response. Police Chief James Brandon said, “Situations like this are why we continually train with our local and regional partners. Being able to respond quickly to incidents such as this stress why it’s vitally important that our agency is always prepared.”

Trophy Club Police Chief Arata said Crimestoppers was critical in helping to solve this case.


Trophy Club News Conf. 2.17