Saturday, October 31, 2020

Southlake Fire Department State-of-the-Art Ambulance Arrives

In the Cities continuing efforts to provide the best emergency care possible to Southlake citizens, the Southlake Fire Department is putting a new state-of-the-art ambulance into service.

The department has purchased a new ambulance, also known as, a Mobile Intensive Care Unit or MICU for short. The new MICU is designed to maximize the vehicle’s functionality through strategically located electronic connections and ports, storage cabinets, and static working areas. Fire Chief Mike Starr says, “The new MICU also contains advanced safety features that offer the best protection for both the patient and those providing emergency medical care.” The unit contains a new patient loading and unloading system that is fully automatic. This feature will increase patient safety while decreasing potential lifting injuries to firefighters.

The new addition will replace the existing ambulance currently housed at Fire Station #1. The new ambulance hits the streets in April.


E-Driver Side E-Passenger Side I-Action Wall I-Front Wall I-Rear Wall I-Squad Bench Wall