Sunday, April 14, 2024

Southlake Firefighters Help Battle Deadly Wildfires

A two-man team from the Southlake Fire Department has joined other firefighters across North Texas to help battle deadly wildfires.

The Texas Forest Service put out a call for help and the Southlake Fire Department answered by sending two specially trained wildland firefighters, Engineer Brent Nobile and Firefighter Seth Corder. Nobile and Corder joined firefighters from several local cities including, Fort Worth, Dallas, Weatherford and Stephenville. The teams have been working long hours to try to help control and contain the wildfires that are burning in the Texas Panhandle. The largest wildfire is burning north of Amarillo in Canadian, Texas.

This cluster of late-winter prairie fires has already burned approximately 478,000 acres of land and killed six people including three ranch hands, two of whom were a young couple in their 20s trying to move cattle away from the flames. Engineer Brent Nobile said, “There was devastation everywhere. You could drive for miles and miles and see nothing but scorched land in every direction.”

The Southlake Firefighters left on Monday, March 6 and are expected to be on the ground battling the wildfires for seven to ten days. Brent and Seth are part of a group of nine individuals within the Southlake Fire Department that have received specialized training in wildland firefighting. Fire Chief Mike Starr says, “The specialized training our firefighters receive allows us the opportunity to provide assistance to any agency facing devastating and fast-moving wildfires like these. It is critical to have a rotation of firefighters that are able to provide relief to crews that have been battling raging fires for days or even weeks.” Chief Starr adds, “This is a great partnership that allows us to come to the aid of any anyone that needs our help and support.”

The State of Texas reimburses all expenditures and any overtime incurred while Southlake resources aid in saving the lives and property of our neighbors in the Texas panhandle.


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