Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Innovative Prosthetics Offers a New Step in the Right Direction

From in-house visits to specialized care plans, Innovative Prosthetics is helping amputees overcome the hurdles of living without a limb. Located at 935 S. Kimball Avenue, the new Southlake business is quickly making strides with patients—and is even getting recognized by Southlake Mayor Laura Hill, who recently proclaimed April as National Limb Loss Awareness Month.

As the name implies, Innovative Prosthetics takes an innovative approach to prosthetic care, utilizing the entire healthcare team to develop a personalized plan for each patient. Started in August 2016 by Lisa Guichet, who serves as the company’s business manager, Innovative Prosthetics is helping people across the Dallas-Fort Worth area and beyond.

“Having the business in Southlake allows us to be centrally located to serve patients all throughout the North Texas region, including making house calls to patients,” stated Guichet.

From meeting patients at their homes or at various regional facilities, Innovative Prosthetics will go wherever the patient is for any appointment—an innovative approach to prosthetic care that puts this business one step ahead for patient convenience.

Besides going anywhere to accommodate patients, Innovative Prosthetics is also going above and beyond the industry standard. All prosthetic devices are fabricated and adjusted in the company’s extensive in-house lab, which allows for the greatest customization for individuals. By also using the latest technology and working closely with manufacturers, Innovative Prosthetics ensures all patients receive premium parts.

Since being an amputee is often a new experience for many Innovative Prosthetics patients, each patient receives a patient care coordinator to help them navigate their new lifestyle. In addition to acting as a liaison between the patient and the healthcare team—surgeons, primary physicians, and nurses—the patient care coordinator also provides educational information about the services available at Innovative Prosthetics and locates community resources for patients with financial hardships.

Perhaps the most personal touch to the Innovative Prosthetics approach is the patient advocate program, which allows amputees to volunteer their time to meet with new patients. Patient advocates offer encouragement and information from the perspective, and at a pace, that an individual new to amputation can best understand.

“Talking with other amputees is not only huge for them, it’s also huge for the patient who’s going,” stated Chris Childress, one of the volunteer patient advocates, who further explained, “With the right products and the right care, you can get back everything you had before, it just slows down a bit.”

From customized prosthetic devices to one-on-one patient support and advocacy, Innovative Prosthetics is giving amputees a new lease on life, one step at a time.

For additional information about Innovative Prosthetics, visit their website.