Thursday, December 3, 2020

SKIL Students Visit Austin

Earlier this week, the Southlake Kids Interested in Leadership (S.K.I.L.) met with state leaders in Austin for a day that was filled with learning about history, government and leadership at the highest levels in the State.

S.K.I.L. consists of 20 high school juniors selected at the beginning of each academic year. The mission of the program is to help foster the next generation of decision-makers through developmental exercises and information sessions. The current group of S.K.I.L.ed students has kept busy refining their leadership skills through monthly meetings, where topics such as safety and security and transportation are discussed, and activities such as the “Day of Internship.”

Representatives from the City and Carroll ISD joined the group for the trek to Austin, where our leaders of tomorrow had the opportunity to chat with state representative Giovanni Capriglione and Texas Supreme Court Justice Don Willett.   Topics of conversation included governmental processes and the leadership skills necessary to make the state work.

Trips like these help the students encounter leadership perspectives at many different levels.  Prior to visiting the State Capitol, S.K.I.L. students had the opportunity to learn and work with Carroll ISD, the Southlake Chamber of Commerce, and the City of Southlake.

For more information about S.K.I.L., visit this page.