Wednesday, December 2, 2020

We Love Our Volunteers!

Time is a precious gift that can never be returned once it is given, and the City of Southlake is extremely grateful to all the volunteers who give their time to serve and give back to the community. This past year volunteer efforts accumulated to over 28,000 hours of service which is equivalent to nearly 14 full-time employees with a cost value of $698,850!

On Tuesday, April 18th, Volunteer Southlake recognized over forty volunteers who met the criteria for a Presidential Service Award  as well as our Service Milestone and overall Junior and Adult Volunteer Service Award Medal. The evening began with a light reception in the Town Hall Lobby followed by a special recognition during the Council Meeting.

The evening itself was very special and allowed for volunteers and staff to spend time engaging with each other while also celebrating the service accomplishments of the past year. Many stories were shared, and some volunteers took the time to write what motivates them to volunteer in our memory book:

“I find it an honor to be able to be of service to the citizens of Southlake” – Leroy McCall

“I volunteered at the senior center because I loved to help the elders there. Volunteering helped me grow into a better person. I recommend everyone to volunteer two times a month!” – Nikhil Nandigama

“[Volunteering] really shows the best thing about this City: the people.” – Morgan H. Smith

Council Member Shafi summed up the night perfectly with his testament and recognition of every volunteer who has served the City in some capacity who were not in the room that night:

“[Volunteers] make our community a healthy, vibrant, loving place to live and raise a family. I want to recognize people who are not in the room. There is probably a larger fraction of volunteers all around the City in their own neighborhoods and their own churches, and other organizations who volunteer their time, so we thank those volunteers for making our community such a great place, thank you.”Council Member Shafi

With the conclusion of this “Volunteer Fiscal Year” we thank all the volunteers who contributed their time, and we look forward to another amazing year of service; a year full of memories to be made and new bonds to be formed between the City of Southlake and the incredible people who give their time freely to make Southlake the best place to live, work and play.

Want to volunteer with the City? Find out how by visiting the Volunteer Southlake page!