Friday, April 12, 2024

Fight the Bite: Remember the 4-Ds for your defense against mosquitoes

The weather outside is getting warmer as we get closer to summer. Warm weather means lots of sun…and mosquitoes! As you spend more and more time having fun in the sun, don’t forget about the 4-Ds.

Drain standing water in your yard and neighborhood to get rid of mosquito breeding sites like flower pots, drains, pop-up and clogged rain gutters. Take a look around your home for some of these common mosquito sources. If you find standing water, you can use mosquito dunks. They’re found in most large retail stores and are quick and easy to install.

Dusk & Dawn are the when mosquitoes are most active, try and stay indoors during those times.

Dress in long sleeves and pants when you’re outside. Be sure to spray thin clothes with repellent.

DEET (N, N-diethyl-m-toluamide) is what you should look for in your insect repellent, check for 10-30 percent.

We’re here to help – if you notice a large amount of mosquitoes we can help identify their source and make recommendations to reduce the mosquitoes you are seeing. Contact us at

If you have unanswered questions about West Nile or the Zika virus, please contact Tarrant County Public Health at 817-248-6299 to help.

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