Friday, April 12, 2024

Runway 18L/36R to be Closed May 12-13

DFW plans to fully close its primary departure Runway 18L/36R from Friday, May 12th at 11pm to Saturday, May 13th at 4pm, weather permitting, to accommodate the FAA’s ongoing installation work.

What to Expect:

The shifts in operations may affect the cities of Southlake, Grapevine, Flower Mound, Lewisville, Coppell, Irving, Euless and Arlington, which could experience some additional aircraft traffic, including:

  • Jet departures on Runway 31L during north winds (anticipated);
  • Increased arrivals Runway 31R and 35R during north winds (anticipated);
  • Increased arrivals to Runway 17L and 13R during south winds;
  • Outboard runways will be needed later at night or early in the morning.

Weather forecast:

  • The wind forecast for Friday to Saturday are expected to be north at 15-20 mph gusting as high as 25 mph, shifting to calm by Saturday afternoon.
    • FAA will require the departure usage of Runway 31L by jets on DFW’s west side and arrival usage of Runways 35R and 31R on DFW’s east side.

March 25-26; April 1-3; April 14-16; April 21-24; May 3-7; May 12-13; May 20-21; June 3-4; June 10-11; June 17-18; and June 24-25 [Weekend Full Closures of Runway 18L/36R]

  • Runway 18L/36R is the primary departure runway on the west side.  During its closure:
    • While the winds are out of the north, Runway 36L will be the used for arrivals and Runway 31L will be the primary departure runway on the west side.
    • While the winds are out of the south, departures will shift to Runway 18R and arrivals will shift to Runways 17L and 13R.
    • The use of the outboard runways (diagonal runways and Runway 17L/35R) will likely be extended at night to 11pm.

The graphics below depict the closures and their effects of the runway utilization:

DFW Operations during Full 18L/36R Closure

The DFW Airport encourage citizens with inquiries or complaints to contact them.  You may contact them by email at, or on the Noise Complaint Hotline, at 972-973-3192 (manned 24/7).  Follow-up response calls or emails will be provided, when requested.

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