Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Charged and Ready: Southlake Town Square to Welcome Tesla and Other New Brands

Southlake Town Square will soon welcome a Tesla gallery, a type of show room for the luxury electric car manufacturer. With an anticipated opening in Fall 2017, Tesla will occupy the 4,565-square-foot space across from the Apple Store, which was previously occupied by the now-relocated Buckle.

The California-based automaker already has seven gallery sites in Texas and more than one hundred gallery and store locations across the country. Because Texas law prohibits car manufacturers from selling through independent dealerships, the Southlake Tesla location will simply be a gallery, not an auto sales dealership. Local drivers will be able to visit with gallery staff about owning an electric vehicle and learn about specific product features, but gallery employees will not be able to discuss sales details. However, individuals interested in purchasing a car will be able to use the in-store iPads to order their vehicle while communicating with off-site Tesla employees.

In addition to Tesla, Southlake Town Square will also add three other brands to its collection of retail experiences: Madewell, Evereve and Pandora. All four brands are expected to open by the end of the year.

With a new location next to Tesla, Madewell will offer jeans and items that complement denim, including timeless leather jackets, keep-forever bags, slouchy tees and shoes. Popular e-commerce retailer, Evereve, will open a brick and mortar store between the Sundance Store and Elaine Turner, and will offer jeans, tops, pants, dresses, skirts, shoes and accessories targeted to moms. With a location next to Evereve, Pandora will also make a debut and will offer its trademark keepsake jewelry pieces.

“We are committed to creating a retail experience that delivers sought-after, top-flight brands that keep the guests of Southlake Town Square excited and returning often,” said RPAI’s Jason Kasal, Vice President, Senior Leasing Director, Western Division. “Our shoppers demand the kind of high-quality variety that will keep them engaged and we’ve been able to stay ahead of that curve by delivering the latest retailers and experiences at our center.”