Friday, October 23, 2020

City Manager Receives Mentoring Award

The City of Southlake is pleased to announce that City Manager Shana Yelverton is the recipient of the 2017 Mentoring Award in Memory of Gary Gwyn, presented by the Texas City Management Association (TMCA) at its annual conference.  She was nominated by her peers for her leadership, mentoring abilities, commitment to excellence and public service.

Ms. Yelverton has spent more than 23 years with the City of Southlake having served the last twelve as City Manager. During that time Ms. Yelverton has mentored many up and coming City leaders including our current Assistant City Managers Ben Thatcher and Alison Ortowski. Ms. Ortowski says, “Words are inadequate to describe the impact that Shana has had on me and my development as a public service professional. Her influence will be forever reflected in how I work, how I manage and how I lead. She has helped me prepare for every step in my career, ensuring that I was provided opportunities to face new challenges.  Shana cares about those she works with and truly invests in.  I am so thankful that I was lucky enough to start my management career with her and I can only hope to have half of the impact on others that she has had on me.”

Assistant City Manager Thatcher who began as an intern at Southlake says, “Shana has always had a tremendous impact on my career, and I’ll always be indebted to her for recognizing my potential. She has done more than just help me build my resume, guide me on a project, or help me problem solve.  She has helped me develop a mind for strategic thinking and decision making, establish connections and contacts, and resources and opportunities.  She has provided me an open space in which to raise issues, tackle challenges, and learn and grow.” Several other individuals that have had the pleasure of working with Ms. Yelverton have gone on to become City Managers and Assistant City Managers in several cities across Texas.

Many of these sentiments are echoed by Mayor Laura Hill who says, “Shana has been a tremendous asset to me as Mayor and to our City Council Members. I have personally seen her reach out and offer valuable insight to help guide first time City Council Members. She has the rare ability to focus on the needs of the City and its residents while also taking time to mentor those around her. She is also a master of strategic planning and messaging that’s necessary for the success of our City.”

Ms. Yelverton served on the University of Texas at Arlington’s public administration advisory board and has reached out to young people interested in becoming future leaders. She has an unbridled willingness to help build a bridge to the next generation and has worked to create opportunities for students to learn and grow. Her mentorship to the younger generation is a true credit to her desire to instill the commitment to public service.

This is not the first mentoring award for Ms. Yelverton. Her dedication to mentoring has also been recognized by Urban Management Assistants of North Texas (UMANT) with the presentation of the 2007 UMANT Joy Sansom award for mentoring. The award was presented during UMANT’s 35th Anniversary Celebration. The Joy Sansom Award is presented annually to a public administrator who serves as a mentor, exemplifies the concept of leadership and is committed to the continued development of aspiring public administrators.

Ms. Yelverton is past president of the North Texas City Management Association (NTCMA) and the Urban Management Assistants of North Texas (UMANT). To find out more about Ms. Yelverton’s accomplishments please go to City of Southlake.