Thursday, October 29, 2020

Improving Mobility in Southlake

Mobility is a top concern in Southlake and as a result, a top priority to the City Council and leadership. The City uses a number of tools to both maintain current roads as well as effectively plan and implement roadway system improvements.  For example, completing annual paving and maintenance projects, funding and planning projects through the Capital Improvement Program (CIP) and looking to the future via comprehensive planning (Southlake 2030 & 2035 Plan) are just a few of the ways that the City works to ease mobility frustrations in Southlake.

Additionally, City leaders are continually working to stay on top of any new business developments or growth that may impact travel. When new developments are approved by City Council, the leadership team proactively begins assessing mobility concerns and how to use available tools to improve travel.

Upcoming improvement projects along North White Chapel Boulevard are a prime example of how all of these tools are being put to use to address travel on an important north / south corridor.

N. White Chapel: North of State Highway (SH) 114 to Dove Road

The Southlake 2030 Mobility Plan recommends that when development warrants, the City should widen N. White Chapel Boulevard to four divided lanes between SH 114 and Dove Road.  The City has already proactively saved a portion of the funding for this improvement in the CIP, and if the planned Carillon commercial development moves forward, the City will work with the developer to widen the road.  Additionally, in June, City Council adopted another set of recommendations in the 2035 State Highway 114 Corridor Plan that address mobility improvements at the Dove / N. White Chapel roundabout and the future extension of Kirkwood Boulevard to make a connection with N. White Chapel.  When development warrants, the City’s planning efforts will be put into effect as CIP projects.

In the meantime, because this segment of the roadway is beginning to show signs of wear and tear, the Public Works Department will propose a pavement rehabilitation project to City Council in the near future for consideration to resurface and improve the ridability of this portion of the road.

N. White Chapel Boulevard : South of SH 114 to Emerald Boulevard

In September of this year, crews will also begin widening a section of N. White Chapel Boulevard  just south of SH 114 from two lanes to four lanes with a divided median.  With this CIP project, work will begin on the segment between SH 114 and Highland first, with the construction of a roundabout at Highland occurring sometime next summer (2018).  Also around that time, crews will begin to widen the remaining segment from Highland Street to Emerald.  Current plans anticipate construction to be completed near the end of 2020.

We will be providing more information about this important construction project in the weeks to come. You can stay plugged into construction news by checking back here on My Southlake News and following the City on Facebook and Twitter.