Saturday, September 30, 2023

Hide, Seek, Rock

A twist on the game of hide-and-seek has spread throughout the City of Southlake.

It’s simple: local members of the community intricately paint rocks and then hide them for others to find.

Envisioned by the Kindness Rocks Society and popularized through Facebook, groups have been popping up all over North Texas, with Southlake also joining the craze. The Southlake Rocks!! Facebook page already has 299 members since May and is steadily growing as more and more people participate.

Rocks have been found all over the city, all the way from Central Market to Liberty Park. Coming in all different shapes, sizes and colors, the rocks range from simple to complex, with some being realistically painted like animals to vivid sunsets and even silhouettes.

Mayor Laura Hill is very enthusiastic about the idea and shared her sentiments on Facebook when she and the City Council members each received their very own painted rocks. “Thank you “Southlake Rocks!” and the Girl Scouts from troop 4012 for these super cute rocks we found on the Dias tonight. The #themayorsshoes rock!! Each of the Council members loved their Texas flag rocks, so clever!!” she posted.

Southlake firefighters and officers at the Department of Public Safety found and re-hid their painted bluebonnet rocks around town as well. “Thank you for “rocking” Southlake PD & FD!” the Southlake DPS page wrote on Facebook. “Officers & Firefighters appreciate the rocks and had fun finding new hiding places for them.”

The Southlake Parks Facebook page has also promoted the activity, posting pictures of painted rocks found around Southlake Town Square.

To find updates, see how-to videos and read hints on where to find rocks visit the Southlake Rocks!! Facebook page online at .

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