Saturday, October 31, 2020

Satisfy Your Appetite Where Flavor Meets Fitness: Protein Fit Kitchen Now Open in Southlake

Hungry for healthy? With a unique concept that caters to active lifestyles, the newly opened Protein Fit Kitchen is serving chef-prepared, nutritionally-balanced meals and snacks with various dine-in and carry-out options. Located at 1151 E. Southlake Blvd., #390, in the Park Village Shopping Center, the protein-focused foodies’ dream is now open for business seven days a week from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Recognized by food reality television fans, Chef Kalen Jane, a former contestant on “Hell’s Kitchen” with Gordon Ramsay, serves as the executive chef and general manager at Protein Fit Kitchen. In addition to her previous restaurant experiences and awards, Chef Jane will bring her own passion for nutrition to the table.

“The trend for food is changing and we want to be able to offer a concept that caters to various dietary needs. For example, our entire menu is gluten-free, with a huge array of vegan and vegetarian options. Why? Because we can. Excellent food doesn’t have to have a ton of calories or be unhealthy,” stated Chef Jane, adding that she personally follows a ketogenic diet.

As the name implies, Protein Fit Kitchen will offer various protein-packed meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner, along with snacks, mylkshakes (made with nut milk) and tonics. Fit Morning options include savory dishes with eggs, house-made turkey sausage and vegetables, and sweet options like house-made granola and banana pancakes. For lunch, Fit Greens (salads) and Fit Soups are great additions to Fit Buns (sandwiches/wraps/tacos), which include elevated takes on turkey, chicken, shrimp and vegetarian options. For heartier lunch options or for dinner, Fit Kitchen Specials include Chipotle Lime Chicken, Teriyaki Sirloin and Italian Turkey Meatballs, with sides ranging from succotash to apple cabbage slaw. Fit Snacks, including Protein Snack Packs, Greek Yogurt Parfaits, and Salt and Vinegar Roasted Chickpeas, as well as refreshing tonics and nourishing mylkshakes complete the menu.

“There is a new restaurant standard that people expect, including flexibility in both food choices and ordering options. We offer just that—delicious and healthy options for people who don’t have time to prepare their own meals.”

With various channels for obtaining food at Protein Fit Kitchen, customers will find convenient options to complement their busy schedules. Guests will be able to dine inside the restaurant (or outside on the patio), or simply pick up a to-go order. Cold cases filled with prepared, made-fresh-daily meal and snack options will also be available for grab-and-go diners. Additionally, customers can even choose the option of customized weekly meal prep, which provides a week’s worth of healthy, pre-ordered meals.

“We are trying to keep the menu seasonal, with locally-sourced produce, and responsibly-raised meats and wild-caught fish. We want to be responsible for what we serve and why we serve it. We think Southlake is the perfect location filled with a community of people who are hungry for what we have to offer.”

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Photos by Nancy Farrar