Monday, October 26, 2020

City Launches New Traffic Management Division

Improving traffic mobility for Southlake residents is one of the City of Southlake’s top priorities.

The City is so committed to reducing traffic related issues that it created the new Traffic Management Division in the Public Works Department. This division was formed in August 2017 in response to the City’s 2015 Citizen Satisfaction Survey, which listed “Manage Traffic Congestion” as the most important issue facing the City.

“The purpose of the new Division is to improve mobility throughout the City without sacrificing safety,” said Public Works Director Rob Cohen.

The division consists of three members: a Transportation Manager, a Traffic Supervisor and a Signal Technician. The team works closely with the City’s Office of Traffic Management, which brings together department directors and technical experts, committed to improving mobility, pedestrian and bicycle safety and movement within the City.

In addition, Director Cohen has stated that, as part of the Fiscal Year 2018 Budget, the City Council approved funding for an Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) Master Plan. In its final configuration, ITS will provide real time information and analytics to Public Works Staff to ease congestion, improve traffic management and minimize environmental impacts. Cohen explained that the future vision is to have an organic traffic management center capable of monitoring traffic through the city. If Public Works operators notice areas of concern, adjustments can be made to traffic signal timing to clear mobility issues quickly, or provide real time information updates to travelers to avoid certain areas due to accidents or other public safety activity.

The new division will continue to work with other agencies, such as the Texas Department of Public Safety (TxDOT), to handle problems on City streets like Southlake Boulevard, that fall under the responsibility of TxDOT. “Having a division whose sole purpose is to improve mobility on the City’s arterial streets will provide some much needed traffic relief to our citizens,” says Traffic Supervisor Ryan York.

Currently, the Traffic Management Division oversees the maintenance and management of six traffic signals, soon to be eight, all school crosswalks signals, and more than five thousand street signs. The office is located in Town Hall at 1400 S. Main Street.

“The new traffic division will help move the City in the direction we want to go and that’s to help get our customers moving more efficiently through the City,” said Cohen.

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