Friday, October 23, 2020

2017-2018 S.K.I.L. Students Selected for Prestigious Leadership Program

Congratulations to the newest group of Carroll ISD students selected to Southlake Kids Interested in Leadership (S.K.I.L.) for the 2017-2018 year.

Students of the program are selected from the Carroll ISD junior high school at the beginning of each academic year. The program allows students to participate in a meaningful way to make the Southlake community better. “This is the third year for the program and it’s already been a huge success. The students in S.K.I.L. are our future leaders of tomorrow,” said Mayor Laura Hill.

Training future leaders brings in a new generation of fresh ideas and helps to foster an interest in good government. “We are excited to welcome these future leaders and looking forward to a year filled with lots of learning and educational experiences for the group,” said Deputy Director of Economic Development & Tourism Daniel Cortez.

The selected students are: Meghan Bakoo, Julia Bramlage, Pranav Chandupatha, Jonathan Ciccone, Devan DeLugo, Kennedy Erikson, Charlotte Lanier, Reagan Larimer, Samantha Lowe, Pranav Manjunath, Sebastian Poorman, Peyton Proksch, Logan Reid, Samuel Salazar, Sahaj Singh, Jack Tucker, Nolan Midolasik, James Wade, Cameron Waltz, Hannah Xu.

For more information about the S.K.I.L. Program click here.