Sunday, October 25, 2020

4th Annual Ghosts of Southlake Past

If you want to have some Spooktacular fun you’ll want to get your tickets now for the fourth annual Ghosts of Southlake Past presented by the Southlake Historical Society.

Join Mayor Laura Hill, Council members Randy Williamson and John Huffman, along with other residents of Southlake, who will be dressed in period clothes to help bring to life the stories of a World War I Doughboy, a Civil War veteran, a member of the Woodman of the World, a survivor of the 1836 Comanche raid on Parker’s Fort, and two sisters who recorded some of the earliest stories of the first settlers to the area.

Read more and purchase tickets here.

Kelsey Sager, playing the historical figure of Malinda Hill, casts an eerie figure as she waits for the event to start at Lonesome Dove Cemetary on November 15, 2014. The Southlake Historical Society toured three cemeteries to retell the stories of pioneers buried in the city. Reenactors told their stories to the dozens of participants who came out to the event.