Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Fort Worth to Relocate Water Supply Lines

After months of planning and coordination with the City of Fort Worth, the City of Southlake is ready for Fort Worth plans to relocate water supply lines.

As part of the Park Vista road extension construction project, Fort Worth has temporarily taken out of service a water supply line that feeds both Southlake and Keller. The City of Southlake is prepared and will be monitoring the water system for any adverse impacts to Southlake’s water customers.

“Southlake Water Utilities has been proactively working with the City of Fort Worth as they developed plans to relocate water lines for their development project. The City requested the work be completed now when demand for water is at its lowest,” said Public Works Director Rob Cohen.

A shutdown test conducted earlier in the month provided ample water for this time of year and duration of the project. “Fort Worth is working to complete the construction as quickly as possible with little to no impact to our customers and we appreciate their efforts,” Cohen added.

If you have any questions for Southlake Water Utilities go here. For more information on the Fort Worth project click here.