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Southlake Public Works to Conduct Test to Improve Sewer System

On Tuesday October 17, 2017, Southlake Public Works Wastewater Division, in partnership with RJN Engineering, will begin smoke testing in key locations throughout the City.

The purpose of this testing is to locate any possible deficiencies in the wastewater collection system which may allow rain water to enter the system. It will require access to manholes which may be located in streets, front yards, back yards and public easements.

Some residents may notice smoke emanating from roof vent stacks on houses or the ground. Deputy Director of Public Works Cristina McMurray says residents should not be concerned, “This is a common visual test. Any smoke coming from rain gutters or roof vent stacks on houses is non-toxic, harmless and creates no fire hazard.”

Additionally, the smoke should not enter your home unless you have defective plumbing or dried up drain traps. However, if this does occur, residents should consult your licensed plumber for repairs. If the harmless smoke can enter through faulty plumbing, the potential exists for sewer gases to enter your home or business. It’s also a good idea to pour water into drains which are seldom used and this will also prevent smoke from entering into the interior of the home or place of business.

Some sewer lines and manholes may be located on the backyard easement of property lines.  Whenever the lines require investigation, members of the inspection crews will need access to the easements for sewer lines and manholes.

It’s important to remember that RJN field personnel are uniformed and carry identification badges. Homeowners do not need to be home during this project and at no time will field crews have to enter your home or business.

This test is performed about once every 10 years. The information gained in this study will be used to improve your sewer services.

If you have any questions, please call Public Works Operations at (817) 748-8082 or Joseph Colley with RJN at (972) 437-4300 ext. 266.

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