Monday, April 22, 2024

Healthy Appetites, Head to Southlake: Multiple Eateries Now Offer Health-Minded Menus

Southlake is quickly becoming a hub for those who have a healthy appetite for nutritious, delicious and convenient meals.

Month after month, hungry customers are satisfying their appetites as more health-inspired restaurants open in Southlake. Protein Fit Kitchen opened in August, followed by Fresh Fit Foods, Eat Fit Go opened in October, and Unleavened Fresh Kitchen has plans to open in November.

Located in the Park Village Shopping Center at 1151 E. Southlake Boulevard, Protein Fit Kitchen serves chef-prepared, nutritionally-balanced meals and snacks with various dine-in and carry-out options. Run by Chef Kalen Jane, a former contestant on Hell’s Kitchen with Gordon Ramsay, the restaurant offers various protein-packed meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner, along with snacks, mylkshakes (made with nut milk) and tonics. Guests can dine inside the restaurant, pick up to-go orders, grab prepared options from the cold cases, or even choose customized weekly meal prep. Although Protein Fit Kitchen was the early adopter of the healthy eating trend in Southlake, it is now seeing competition.

With a similar concept, Fresh Fit Foods is a short drive to 2450 E. Southlake Boulevard, located in Wyndham Plaza. The restaurant offers breakfast options, lunch and dinner choices, including burgers, salads, and build-your-own plate or burrito, smoothies, their signature Protein Donut for dessert, and Fresh Fit Kids choices. Owned and operated by Andrew Simmons, a health-conscious active member of the United States military, the restaurant caters to active lifestyles by offering freshly prepared meals on order, packaged meals for quick pick-up in cold cases, weekly meal plans, and catering. For additional customer convenience, Fresh Fit Foods can even be delivered through DoorDash, the on-demand restaurant delivery service.

Having had success with military catering, Simmons wanted to expand his passion for healthy meals by serving a broader customer base.

“I wanted to bring nutrition to the table for everyone. Cost and convenience are the two main contributing factors to the obesity epidemic in our country. Healthy food shouldn’t be expensive or inconvenient to enjoy, and I wanted to change that. Fresh Fit Foods offers affordable, nutritious meals to people who simply don’t have time to prepare their own food or don’t enjoy cooking,” stated Simmons, adding that he has hopes of opening additional locations in North Texas.

Located in the adjacent shopping center at 2600 E. Southlake Boulevard, Eat Fit Go recently opened its doors October 4. The franchise offers walls of cold cases filled with prepared and packaged meals that are made fresh daily, never frozen, preservative-free, low sodium, high protein, and allergy-friendly. Healthy options include breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, protein bars, and meals for kids. The menu rotates every three to four months to incorporate seasonal ingredients.

As the name implies, the store truly is a grab-and-go style. Although the eating options are plenty, no food is prepared on order. Customers simply choose meals from the cold cases, and can either take their meals to-go or can make use of three in-store microwaves for reheating. There are roughly 40 Eat Fit Go locations currently open in the country, with more locations opening soon.

“We are happy to be in Southlake. Even though there are quite a few healthy restaurants in town, we’re setting ourselves apart with the quality of our food, our attention to detail, the flexibility we offer customers for mixing and matching a week’s worth of meals for one standard price, and the ‘scannable’ feature on all of our meals for MyFitnessPal, the diet journal and calorie counting app,” stated Amnia Elbasheer, the general manager of the Southlake location.

Opening in November at 250 State Street in Southlake Town Square, Unleavened Fresh Kitchen will soon join the mix of healthy eateries. With an established location in Dallas, Southlake Style reports that three new Metroplex locations will also open within the next year, including Southlake.

As the website states, it is “a fast-casual restaurant serving a completely fresh take on the classics.” Specifically, Unleavened offers a fresh take on breakfast, lunch and dinner menu items by offering customers the option of having their food wrapped in unleavened flatbread. For example, breakfast items can be wrapped or served on potato hash. Lunch or dinner items can be wrapped or served on a bed of greens. Gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan menu items are available, as well as healthy choices for kids. With dining in the restaurant, call ahead for takeaway orders, catering, and delivery options through Favor and Caviar delivery systems, Unleavened offers fresh food with convenience.

If you’re hungry for variety, look no further than Southlake. The multiple new and nutritious restaurants are giving customers satisfying options, while also bringing a bit of healthy competition to each other.

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