Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Dragon Band Students Selected Into All-Region Bands

Last weekend, 49 Carroll Dragon Band students were selected into one of four Region 31 All-Region Bands after performing in the very competitive audition process. Additionally, eight of these students placed at the top of their section, allowing them to advance to the Area competition on January 13. This step allows them the opportunity to be named a Texas All-State member and perform at the Texas Music Educators Association convention in San Antonio in February.

The Region 31 All-Region band clinics and concerts will take place the weekend of January 19. See below a list of all 49 Dragons who were seleted for All-Region Bands.

Freshmen All-Region Band
Likhitha Veerapalli (Flute)
Megan Dean (Clarinet)
Imaad Virani (Oboe)
Andrew Keady (Bassoon)
Justin Bonnano (Alto Saxophone)
Hudson Koonsman (Trumpet)
Jezalin Page (Trombone)
Carolyn Teng (Trombone)
Riley Silfies (Euphonium)
Carter Doby (Tuba)
Brice Prince (Tuba)
Ashley Hayden (Percussion)

6A Concert Band
Kaylee Cordes (Piccolo)
Jessica Yang (Flute)
Laurel Hook (Flute)
Vanessa Ortiz (Bb Clarinet)
Logan Mikolasik (Bb Clarinet)
Austin Singh (Contra Bass Clarinet)
Nolan Mikolasik (Bassoon)
Kyle Fondon (Bassoon)
Kyle Cantrell (Tenor Saxophone)
Elisabeth Adkins (Trumpet)
Olivia Lamont (French Horn)
Megan Wolf (French Horn)
Jack Kester (French Horn)
Asher Stevens (Tenor Trombone)
Greg Salazar (Tenor Trombone)
David Coughlin (Bass Trombone)
Ethan Jezek (Tuba)
Eva McDowell (Tuba)
Naysan Sabha (Percussion)

6A Symphonic Band
Lauren Spielvogel (Flute)
Andrew Kim (Oboe) *
Nick Walker (Bb Clarinet)
Ainsley Priakos (Bb Clarinet)
Tori Thomas (Bass Clarinet)
Alexa Aponte (Bass Clarinet)
Kiera DiCesare (Bassoon)
Anthony Zhou (Trumpet)
Cole Ragsdale (Trumpet)
Sally Hatfield (French Horn)

Wind Ensemble
Elizabeth File (Flute) *
Gretchen Casel (Bb Clarinet) *
Samuel Ma (Alto Saxophone) *
Allen Zhou (Alto Saxophone)

Brendan James (Tenor Saxophone) *
Walter Gaman (Trumpet)  *
Chase Adams (Trumpet)  *
Carys Sutherland (French Horn) *

* Advances to Area