Friday, September 22, 2023

Christmas Tree Recycling

This year, instead of throwing your Christmas tree away once the holiday season is over, recycle it! Real Christmas trees are biodegradable, which means they can be easily recycled for mulch and other environmentally-friendly purposes. Recycling your tree also reduces the amount of waste that goes to local landfills.

Through the City of Southlake’s Christmas Tree Recycling Program, residents can drop off their bare trees at Bicentennial Park and the City will turn the trees into wood chips. Residents can then use the freshly-made mulch in and around their flower beds and gardens.

To participate in the 2017 Christmas Tree Recycling Program, bring your bare tree (without decorations or a base) to the Bicentennial Park entrance off FM 1709. Program dates are listed below.

Christmas Tree Drop-off: December 16 – January 12

Mulch Pickup: January 13 – January 19

If you have questions, call (817) 748-8019 or visit the Keep Southlake Beautiful page. For more information about how real Christmas trees benefit the environment, visit the National Christmas Tree Association website.

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