Saturday, June 10, 2023

New Year, New Resolution: Shape Up In Southlake

New year, new resolution? For many people, getting fit tops the list. From barre to boxing, boutique fitness options are expanding exercise to be more inclusive than ever before. With something for all ages and all fitness levels, grab your sneakers—it’s time to shape up in Southlake.

Raise the bar on your exercise routine. The Bar Method Southlake offers barre classes with a signature technique that uses one’s own body weight as resistance, the ballet barre, and a few props. With endless variations of each exercise timed to the beat of the music, each class feels as unique as the method itself.

“The Bar Method is the only bar-based exercise technique rooted in physical therapy and targets muscles safely and effectively, which makes it a great choice for anyone. We have clients in all phases of life, from pregnant women to 60-year olds who have never exercised before,” stated Erin Bulcher, co-owner of The Bar Method, adding that exercises are tailored to each individual, even in group settings.

From the studio to the ring, glove-up and get in shape with one of the oldest sports in existence. The instructors at Title Boxing will show you the basics of boxing and kickboxing. From learning the proper technique to developing your own punching style, knock out your fitness goals while having fun. Guests work with their own heavy bag and go at their own pace, which truly makes boxing adaptable to anyone who wants to try it, including children as young as eight years old.

Perhaps your little athlete prefers a slower pace. Fly Kids Yoga, Southlake’s first yoga studio for kids, offers group and private classes for children of all ages—from babies to teens, and even those with special needs. Specifically crafted to meet the needs of each age group, classes incorporate tools and movement designed to work outside of the yoga studio.

“Yoga helps kids understand how they feel about their bodies and gives them tools to check in—physically, mentally and emotionally—even when they step away from the mat. The positions and breathing they learn through doing yoga translates directly into the real world and can help kids deal with situations in school and in life,” states Danielle Vaughn of Fly Kids Yoga.

Adults can exercise their bodies and minds, too. Located in the same shopping center as FlyKids Yoga, Core Fusion Pilates + Yoga is committed to helping anyone achieve fitness goals, regardless of age or body type. As the name implies, Core Fusion Pilates + Yoga offers a variety of both pilates and yoga in private, duet and group sessions. The holistic wellness and functional approach to fitness have helped many clients find relief from chronic back pain, arthritis, and knee surgery.

Elevate your workout at OrangeTheory Fitness. The gym offers hour-long interval exercises designed to keep heart rates elevated. The scientifically-based interval exercises are designed to keep heart rates in a specific target zone to stimulate the metabolism, and the station-to-station rotations build endurance, strength, and power. Since workouts are focused on heart rate, every skill level is accommodated. The bright orange facilities and energetic trainers further add to the exciting exercise environment.

If spinning is more your style, visit CycleBar. The studio offers cycling classes with varying degrees of difficulty for riders of all ages and all fitness levels. Each ride is fueled by music, video graphics, and rider-specific performance data in the studio’s signature CycleTheatre. With complimentary shoes, water and snacks available, visitors simply clip-in and spin.

Another indoor cycling studio puts a different spin on the traditional spin class. ZYN22 offers classes that combine cardio and weight training for a full body workout. The 45-minute classes are designed to help you reboot your mind, body, and spirit. Several staff members describe the inclusive and encouraging environment of the studio, and how it has “a sense of community.”

“ZYN22 is different [from other studios]. There’s no comparison. No judgment. No leaderboards. It’s more about a team and less about competition,” remarked Emily Orson, an instructor at ZYN22.

For an integrative approach to wellness, you’ll find specialized support at ProCore Fitness. The fitness center sets itself apart from competitors with a comprehensive nutrition and exercise coaching program that includes a private nutrition coach, a functional movement coach, and a professional trainer. The team of coaches offers a tailored plan for each individual, empowering clients to make lasting changes in their health through every facet of fitness.

Fast track your fitness resolution and take advantage of the variety of exercise options in Southlake. With so many choices, your workouts will be anything but routine in 2018.

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