Monday, October 26, 2020

Carroll ISD Names Bond Builders Team

After receiving over 90 audition tapes, interviewing semi-finalists and making some very tough decisions, Carroll ISD is excited to announce the names of the students that will be representing the district as members of the Bond Builders Team.

The Bond Builders Program is an opportunity for talented students around the district to partner with Carroll ISD to tell the story of the various projects affiliated with the 2017 Carroll Bond that was passed by the Southlake community in May of 2017. These students will be featured in bond-related videos, newsletters and other forms of communications.

The members of the Bond Builders Team include:

Aliana Franco – Kindergarten – Old Union Elementary School
Blair Konopa – Kindergarten – Carroll Elementary School
Maxwell Ort – Kindergarten – Walnut Grove Elementary School
Millie Black – 1st Grade – Johnson Elementary School
Finnegan McDevitt – 1st Grade – Rockenbaugh Elementary School
Ava Watts – 2nd Grade – Walnut Grove Elementary School
Cate Hall – 3rd Grade – Rockenbaugh Elementary School
Django Hollingsworth – 3rd Grade – Johnson Elementary School
Will Walters – 3rd Grade – Old Union Elementary School
Lucy Lown – 4th Grade – Carroll Elementary School
Kimbyl Belnap – 5th Grade – Durham Intermediate School
Risha Kanukolanu – 5th Grade – Eubanks Intermediate School
Dillan DeLugo – 6th Grade – Durham Intermediate School
Safiy Islam – 6th Grade – Durham Intermediate School
Obed Shultz – 6th Grade – Eubanks Intermediate School
Jackson Dockal – 7th Grade – Carroll Middle School
Emma Le – 7th Grade – Dawson Middle School
Evan Watts – 7th Grade – Carroll Middle School
Dane DeLugo – 8th Grade – Carroll Middle School
Jetta Thompson – 8th Grade – Carroll Middle School
Grayson Vasquez – 9th Grade – Carroll High School
Libby Lester – 10th Grade – Carroll High School
Devan DeLugo –  11th Grade –  Carroll Senior High School

These students will be working with the district on various bond-related projects throughout the life of the 2017 Carroll Bond. With projects ranging from facility addition to the introduction of new technology, these students will not only be able to update the community on the construction or implementation progression but also tell the story of how the students benefit from these projects.

Here’s a short compilation at some of the audition tapes that were received: