Saturday, September 23, 2023

Carroll Swimming and Diving Take 5-6A District Championship

The Dragon Boys and Girls Swim and Dive team moved, solidly, through the 2018 District 5-6A Swim/Dive Championships at the Lewisville Westside Aquatic Center on Saturday, Jan 20th, in preparation for the Region 2-6A Championships in two weeks.

Both teams earned the title of 5-6A District Champions. In the teams’ individual events the Dragon the girls locked up 29 of the possible 36 individual slots for the regional meet and the boys will send 34 athletes to fill the possible 36 slots available to District 5-6A.

Overall it was another dominant performance for the Dragons. The boys won all three relays and eight out of nine individual events, while the girls won two out of the three relays and five out of the nine individual events.

The Dragons will return to the pool in two weeks for the Region 2-6A Championships, again, at the Lewisville Westside Aquatic Center, February 2 and 3. The top two in each event from each of eight regions will qualify automatically for the 6A State Meet in Austin, Texas February 16 and 17, and the next fastest 8 additional swims from all eight Regions will be “called-up” to round out the field of 24 State qualifiers in each event at the Texas 6A State Swim/Dive Championships.

District 5-6A Swim/Dive Championships

Team Scoring Results:
1. Southlake Carroll 236
2. Flower Mound 142
3. Marcus 59
4. Hebron 47
5. Lewisville 25
6. Bell 21
7. Trinity 18

1. Southlake Carroll 259
2. Flower Mound 109
3. Marcus 69
4. Lewisville 36
5. Hebron 33
6. Bell 20
7. Trinity 15

Relay Results for the Dragons included:
1st Girl’s 200 med relay 1:44.90 with Natalie Whalen, Corbyn Cormack, Kit Kat Zenick and Rachel Luevit
1st Boy’s 200 med relay 1:35.52 with Jack VandeBerg, Logan Davis, Kevin Repice and Logan Henry
1st Girl’s 200 free relay 1:39.42 with Spencer Dockal, Amelia Rusli, Corbyn Cormack and Sydney Balint
1st Boy’s 200 free relay 1:25.78 with Jack LeVant, Logan Davis, Landon Armstrong and Landon Jensen
1st Boy’s 400 free relay 3:07.59 with Jack LeVant, Landon Armstrong, Kevin Repice and Landon Jensen
2nd Girl’s 400 free relay 3:31.87 with Natalie Whalen, Kit Kat Zenick, Ashley Zettle and Amelia Rusli

Individual Results for the Dragons included:

Girl’s 200 free
2nd Ashley Zettle 1:53.69
3rd Lana Jeter 1:58.57
6th Emily Cundiff 1:59.94
9th Astrid Langoe 2:01.87

Boy’s 200 free
1st Jack LeVant 1:38.30
2nd Landon Armstrong 1:43.63
3rd Landon Jensen 1:43.72
5th Mason Kelber 1:46.24

Girl’s 200 IM
1st Natalie Whalen 2:04.51
3rd Corbyn Cormack 2:07.58
4th Sydney Balint 2:08.18
6th Madelynn Tung 2:09.71

Boy’s 200 IM
1st Kevin Repice 1:54.35
2nd Chris Lindley 1:57.60
3rd Jaykob Williams 1:57.83
5th Nicholas Tung 2:03.56

Girl’s 50 free
2nd Spencer Dockal 24.82
3rd Tina Karl 24.98
5th Amelia Rusli 25.04
8th Alden Sadler 25.74

Boy’s 50 free
3rd Garrett Kuketz 22.14
5th Jack VandeBerg 22.35
6th Ryan Perham 22.54
8th Logan Henry 22.61

Girl’s 1 Meter Diving
1st Bridget O’Neil 474.70
2nd Hailey Hernandez 441.55
3rd Allison Ward 432.80
5th Summer Westover 388.10

Boy’s 1 Meter Diving
1st Jackson Miller 430.50
3rd CJ Durant 390.70
4th Phillip Kleiman 347.05
6th Reid Klein 304.95

Girl’s 100 fly
1st Kit Kat Zenick 54.88
2nd Madelynn Tung 57.80
3rd Anya Ittiruck 58.16
4th Rachel Luevit 59.00

Boy’s 100 fly
1st Logan Davis 50.08
2nd Kevin Repice 51.15
3rd Ryan Parham 53.62
4th Christian Balint 53.98

Girl’s 100 free
2nd Sydney Balint 53.62
4th Amelia Rusli 54.66
5th Lana Jeter 54.95
7th Juliana Adami 55.75

Boy’s 100 free
1st Landon Armstrong 47.75
2nd Landon Jensen 47.84
5th Matthew Hahn 48.76
6th Garrett Kuketz 48.82

Girl’s 500 free
1st Natalie Whalen 4:57.78
2nd Ashley Zettle 5:03.09
7th Rachel Boeck 5:21.55
8th Emily Cundiff 5:24.06

Boy’s 500 free
1st Jack LeVant 4:31.64
2nd Chris Lindley 4:39.15
4th Jaykob Williams 4:42.18
5th Mason Kelber 4:44.71

Girl’s 100 back
1st Kit Kat Zenick 56.86
3rd Morgan Chocholek 1:02.26
4th Brooke Guerra 1:03.55
6th Anya Ittiruck 1:04.33

Boy’s 100 back
1st Jack VandeBerg 52.39
3rd Logan Henry 55.34
4th Christian Balint 56.95
9th JJ Reed 58.30

Girl’s 100 breast
2nd Corbyn Cormack 1:06. 43
3rd Rachel Luevit 1:08.11
7th Lillian Duma 1:10.88
8th Natalie Gessner 1:11.99

Boy’s 100 breast
1st Logan Davis 58.40
4th Andrew Fu 1:03.95
5th Nicholas Tung 1:04.26
6th Jacob Ross 1:04.50