Saturday, September 30, 2023

Graduating Seniors Have Multiple Scholarship Opportunities

Each year, graduating Dragons have multiple opportunities to apply and earn various scholarships. As the district receives notification of different scholarship opportunities, the attached list will be updated with links to information on each scholarship.

Current Scholarship Opportunities:

CEF Offers $17,500 in Scholarships for Seniors

The 2018 CEF Scholarship Application is now available for all qualifying Carroll Independent School District graduating seniors. The Carroll Education Foundation is most appreciative of the generous Scholarship Sponsors: The Ralph Williams Memorial Scholarship Fund, The Brian Stebbins Memorial Scholarship Fund and the Carroll Senior High School Class of 2007. Each tuition scholarship award is $2,500 and applicants will be rated in the following areas: academic, extracurricular, volunteer, employment, essay, teacher recommendation and community member recommendation.


Southlake Women’s Club Foundation Scholarship.

In 2018, the Southlake Women’s Club/Southlake Women’s Club Foundation will be offering $18,000 in scholarships, each awarded scholarship will be at least $1,000. All CSHS students may apply – our considerations include financial need, student initiative, student character/leadership and community service. The deadline is April 6, 2018. The application information can be found by clicking here


CSHS/CHS PTO Scholarship Application Open

The CSHS/CHS PTO is now accepting scholarship applications for graduating seniors. The PTO will award twelve scholarships of $1,000 each. Applicants’ families must be PTO members as of November 1, 2017. Applications are available by clicking here. They are also available on Naviance. Applications must be submitted online via the PTO website no later than 10 pm on Sunday, April 15.


AP Booster Scholarship Now Accepting Applications.

The AP Booster Club is now accepting applications for their Annual Senior Scholarships for graduating seniors. Five scholarships of $1000 each will be awarded this year to five graduating seniors of CISD. For more information on the AP Scholarships, click here.


Mark Jameson-Allstate Insurance: Scholar Athlete of the Month.

This scholarship program is designed to reward Carroll Senior High School seniors who have excelled in both the classroom and the athletic arena. The selection committee is not associated with the Mark Jameson Allstate Company. One scholar athlete per month is awarded a one-time $500 scholarship. The application can be found on Naviance or return application form to CSHS Guidance Office.

*These are not the only scholarships available. Students are still highly encouraged to log into their Naviance account and search out other potential opportunities.