Saturday, October 31, 2020

Carroll ISD Announces Digital Dragon Program

A portion of the Carroll Bond that was approved by voters in May 2017 was devoted to upgrading current technology and also the introduction of technology devices into every classroom. The Digital Dragons Program is being implemented to not only assist in the rollout of student devices but also will be used as an educational program to prepare students for the digital world they live in.

Digital Dragons Program is designed to prepare students for the digital world of tomorrow, foster their digital skills that are considered attractive to colleges and employers, open up creative ways for students to experience different types of learning, and also provide equal access to technology anytime, anywhere.

Preparing students for the world they will encounter after their time in Carroll ISD is more than just teaching them how to physically work with devices, but also to teach proper online etiquette and digital citizenship. With social media, online communities and digital footprints, understanding the proper way to use technology professionally and personally are very important for students as they move through the school system and into the real world.

To learn more about the Digital Dragons Program, watch the video below and visit the Digital Dragons Website.

Digital Dragons Program from Carroll Dragon TV on Vimeo.