Friday, October 30, 2020

Possible arrival changes at DFW Airport

DFW Airport has informed The City of Southlake about a planned change to DFW arrival procedures.

The FAA has told DFW Airport of a possible increase in arrivals onto Runway 13R/31L, beginning Tuesday, March 6 during South Flow conditions while operating under the FAA Converging Runway Operations (CRO) rule.

The FAA instituted CRO rules at 17 airports across the U.S. including DFW which took effect on April 2, 2014. CRO rules significantly reduced the number of arrivals on RWY 13R which impacts DFW Airport’s overall capacity. DFW Airport and the FAA have been working together to find solutions that might permit additional arrivals on 13R especially in light of upcoming airfield work which could close other runways from time-to-time.

What to Expect:

In the next two weeks, the winds are forecast to vary in wind direction, 5 to 10 mph in either North Flow or South Flow. When strong winds are northerly, aircraft will take off to the north and land from south to north. When winds are southerly, aircraft will take off to the south and land from north to south. During South Flow conditions, the use of RWY 13R will increase due to an FAA operational evaluation.

The shift in aircraft operations during these weather conditions may affect the cities of Southlake, Grapevine, Trophy Club and Westlake.

DFW Airport encourages citizens with inquiries or complaints to contact them, by email at, or on the Noise Complaint Hotline, at 972-973-3192 (manned 24/7). Follow-up response calls or emails will be provided when requested.