Thursday, October 29, 2020

Carroll Alum Lands Role in Major Motion Picture “Truth or Dare”

Carroll alumna Morgan Lindholm landed a supporting role in the upcoming major motion picture Truth or Dare, hitting theaters on Friday, April 13. Morgan attended Carroll schools starting in 2nd grade and graduated from Carroll Senior High in 2012.

Morgan’s acting career began at Carroll Senior High, where she joined the theatre program halfway through her junior year. Morgan admits she “started theatre last in the game,” but quickly became passionate about acting and knew that she wanted to pursue acting as a full-time career.

“Although I have always been interested in the craft, ironically I had terrible stage fright leading up to my first production at Carroll,” remembers Morgan. “Not only did I overcome my stage fright, I’m not fearful of much anymore and I discovered how much I truly love the craft of acting, and the love that goes into the making of TV and film.”

After graduating from Carroll in 2012, Morgan acquired an agent and began working on local commericals and film projects in DFW while attending acting classes in the area. Morgan quickly moved to Los Angeles to continue studying acting at notable studios such as Scene Study [The Ivanna Chubbuck Studio and The Berg Studio], Improv [The Groundlings and Upright Citizens Brigade(UCB)], Commercial [Killian’s Workshop], Screen Play Writing [with David Garrett and The Writer Book Camp], and Audition Technique [Scott Sedita Studio and BGB Studio].

Morgan began booking commercials and later earned the lead role in the dramatic feature film Hell Storm, as well as co-starring in the series finale of Bones, before appearing in her supporting role in Blumhouse’s feature film Truth or Dare. Morgan describes her time on the set of Truth or Dare as fantastic, particularly working under and learning from the film’s director Jeff Wadlow.

“It was really cool to see how he communicated the image in his head so well,” Morgan said. “I would watch what he was doing and how would address everyone and be so specific in what he wanted. That was inspiring.”

This is not the first time Morgan remembers learning a tremendous amount from a director, as she credits a lot of the strength required to pursue her acting career to Carroll Theatre Director Roald Martinsen.

“I got so interested in acting my junior year and he really fed my curiosity,” Morgan said. “Sometimes, I would even spend my lunches in the theatre helping with whatever I could, and Mr. Martinsen was so welcoming. He would run mock auditions with me and give me monologues, plays to read, and show me how the theatre worked from a performance and technical side. He shared his experience of being an actor with me. He would give me strength to fall on my face.”

Morgan looks back on her time as a Dragon remembering the pride the students had for their schools.

“I loved how proud we all were to achieve the best of the best – I think that was wonderful,” Morgan said. “I remember the joy we would feel as a whole when we won state championships across each team, elective or club. That was something rare and something to look back at and feel inspired by.”

Morgan’s role as Alexis Podell in Truth or Dare comes a few months ahead of a recurring role on an upcoming Freeform TV series, premiering at the first of June.