Monday, June 21, 2021

Southlake Tennis Center Scores with Renovations: New tennis center updates to increase space and amenities

The third and final phase of Bicentennial Park improvements has left the Southlake Tennis Center in the midst of a renovations rally since the demolition of its clubhouse building in April 2017. With three-quarters of the updates now complete, match point is on the horizon to soon unveil additional clubhouse space and amenities.

As Southlake has grown over the years, so has the popularity of the Southlake Tennis Center. Over the past decade, six additional tennis courts have been added to the original 13 tennis courts; however, the clubhouse building has remained unchanged since the Center’s opening in 1999. With an original capacity for only a few staff members, the club house could no longer accommodate the now 10 tennis pros and 22 personnel at the Southlake Tennis Center, not to mention the year-round, full-schedule of adult and junior players.

Tennis Center Construction PhotosThe new clubhouse renovations will result in additional space and enhanced amenities. In addition to extra retail space for the full-service pro shop, upscale materials are also being used to create a boutique retail setting. Additional restroom facilities are being added, along with upgraded shower and locker areas. A lounge area, full break room and work space with desks will be available to Tennis Center pros and staff. In the back of the building, a multi-purpose space connected to a shaded patio via accordion-style doors will open opportunities for events, meetings and luncheons. Although ceramic tile work, exterior masonry and exterior finishes are still ongoing, final updates will be complete for an anticipated May 2018 grand opening.

Upon completion of clubhouse renovations, two tennis courts will become enclosed to allow for indoor play during inclement weather.

“As a public center for recreation, the new updates to the Southlake Tennis Center will allow it to better accommodate the needs of resident and visiting tennis players, as well as open up additional opportunities for the Center to host tennis-related activities and events,” stated Chris Tribble, the director of Community Services for the City of Southlake.

The $8.8 million-dollar Bicentennial Park improvements are being funded by the Southlake Parks and Development Corporation (SPDC). Created in 1993, the SPDC administers the City’s half-cent sales tax allocated to parks-related capital projects.

The community is invited to an Open House event on Friday, May 18th from 6:00-8:00pm. Guests will be able to take a tour of the new facility while enjoying various activities. If you have any questions, contact Southlake Community Services at (817) 748-8019.