Thursday, October 22, 2020

Dragon Students Protect the Tradition at Odyssey of the Mind World Championships

Eight Dragon teams traveled to Iowa State University last week to participate in the international competition shared with over 14 countries. On May 23-26, over 800 teams and their coaches and fans infiltrated the campus and city of Ames, IA. The almost all volunteer-run (400+) competition is in its 39th year and celebrates all teams who have scored near the top at their Regional and State competitions. Teams of 7 students compete in one of five Long-Term Problems (Vehicular, Technical, Classics, Structural or Performance) and in a Spontaneous Problem Challenge.

To continue the Odyssey tradition, the Eubanks Intermediate School Vehicular team, coached by parent Tom Kelly, earned a third place trophy in their problem and age division. Two Carroll High School teams also received 8th place finishes out of 50-60 teams each in their problems (Classics and Performance) and age division.

See the below list for team results:

EIS: 3rd Place – Vehicular
Sophia Kelly, Nikhil Copling, Lincoln Daniels, Nick Price, Aditya Shetty, Camden Fike, Abby Aldridge
Coach: Tom Kelly

CHS: 8th Place – Classics
Reilly Buckley, Katie Moore, Kayla Grosskopf, Catie Pratt, Kayin Jones, Cole Ragsdale
Coaches: Keith Buckley & Michelle Moore

CHS/CSHS: 8th Place – Performance
Zack Marshall, Jake Marshall, Chloe Moore, Logan Mikolasik, Sarah Chapin, Olivia Hooper, Heloise Hoffman (CMS)
Coach: Kathy Marshall

CHS/CSHS: 14th Place – Vehicular
Trevor King, Sophie Dietrich, Miranda King, Ethan Connelly, Chaya Hemanth, Marissa Vazhappilly, Lauren Hendler
Coaches: Heather King/Inna Dietrich

CMS: 18th Place – Technical
Lindsay Vanderbush, Abigail Balson, Lillian Cooper, Avani Koganti, Tin Lau, Neha Boyapati, Blayne Williams (DMS)
Coach: Anne Vanderbush

CMS: 15th Place – Technical
Jackson Walker, John Stoklas, Ryan Adamson, Samhith Dharani, Connor MacLean, Graham Davidson, Ethan Phan
Coaches: Sarah Stoklas & Tonya Walker

DIS: 10th Place – Vehicular
Grant Ogle, Pierce Ogle (CMS), Trey King (DMS), Andrew Balson, Julia Dietrich (EIS), Madison Petty, Vanessa Vazhappilly and Cody Williams (EIS)
Coach: Diane Ogle

CES: 36th Place – Structure
Sonia Naidu, Alisha Naidu, Nitya Yarlagedda, Eva Menezes, Reeya Chaturvedi, Angela Cheng, Praneel Veerabathina
Coach: Saroja Mummini